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Visiting & Campus Access

Campus Access

Checking Students In and Out of School

If you need to remove your child from school at any time during the school day, please be sure to check in at the office first. You will be asked to sign your child out and note the reason for taking him/her out of school. The office personnel will call your child from class via the intercom. To ensure safety, no student will be able to leave the classroom with anyone, under any circumstances, without permission from the office. Students will be released to the parent or guardian indicated on the student locator card (cards are maintained in the office). If you wish to have someone else pick up your child from school for any reason, please call the school beforehand and/or send a note with your child to alert the teacher/office. Students who arrive at school after 10:30 a.m. or leave school before 2:00 p.m. will be marked as a half-day absence.

Visiting the School

Parents and guardians are encouraged to visit their child’s classroom and to get acquainted with the teachers and many changes taking place within our schools today. To volunteer, you will need to fill out an Oak Harbor School District volunteer packet. Once it has been approved, contact the office or teacher prior to any visit so that an appointment can be scheduled. We appreciate your efforts to keep Crescent Harbor safe!

School District policy requires that all school visitors/volunteers report to the office to sign in and pick up a name badge before entering the classroom or the playground. To ensure safety in our school, we have trained our school personnel to approach and ask unfamiliar faces for proper visitor identification.